Bardella still dries up the debate, Hayer expected around the corner

Bardella still dries up the debate Hayer expected around the

13:36 – Manon Aubry places the conflict in Israel at the heart of the campaign

La France insoumise seeks to address the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the themes at the heart of the campaign since its entry into the race and the President of the Republic offered the party an opportunity to address the subject with the publication of a column in which he demands a ceasefire. In reaction, the head of the LFI list Manon Aubry distributed a good point to the Head of State from the France 2 set, but while pointing out the weakness of Emmanuel Macron’s declarations. “It’s a good first step…belated,” she said. Above all, the MEP considered that the Head of State “proves right” to LFI: “It was time, we were alone a few months ago to call for a ceasefire, we had the right to all kinds of caricatures. And I observe that from now on he proves us right.”

Then the European candidate continued by rolling out the solutions proposed by her party to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: “recognition of the State of Palestine”, “an embargo on the sending of weapons to Israel”, and “the suspension of the association agreement between the European Union and Israel”. And Manon Aubry slips in a campaign promise assuring that if her party and its European allies dominate in Parliament then “not a single European state would send weapons to a state which is massacring its people”. A clear message that is faithful to LFI’s position on the subject.

11:17 – Bardella poses a new rabbit to his opponents

He had refused to go to the Public Senate debate on March 14 and he again declined the invitation from France 24 and RFI to the second debate of the electoral campaign of Europeans 2024. Jordan Bardella will be the only head of the list of the eight main political forces in the race to miss the call on the set this Wednesday, April 10. The repeated absences of the president of the National Rally do not go unnoticed by his rivals. The candidate of the presidential majority Valérie Hayer almost did not attend the debate, she had in any case indicated to Politico “ask the question”, but after reflection the head of the list will be there.

It must be said that the absence of Valérie Hayer from the debate would have harmed the presidential camp more than anything else: the Macronist list has difficulty competing with the RN which monopolizes first place in the poll results, it even tends to decline in voting intentions in recent days, in fact being caught up by the list of the Socialist Party which is given third in polling studies.