Barça and CVC approach positions respecting the Superliga, but leaving only Madrid

Barca and CVC approach positions respecting the Superliga but leaving

FC Barcelona and the CVC investment fund are very close to reaching an agreement tailored to the Blaugrana club, that it would receive 270 million euros that would not count as debt and that it would allow about 70 million to be allocated to increase the salary mass of the workforce.

If this movement materializes, to which some other team could join, would leave Real Madrid isolated as opposition to Javier Tebas’s project, something of which the Blaugrana club is perfectly aware, which is currently going through a period of truce with Real Madrid, which is taken for granted it would break if Laporta jumps the fence.

Of course, the president of Barça has made it a condition for CVC to enter into the agreement that the Superliga initiative go ahead with Barcelona involved along with Real Madrid and Juventus, but there are differences between the promoters of this project.

Barcelona is, unlike Real Madrid, in favor of promoting a Super League, but without breaking the dialogue with UEFA to reach a common agreement on the basis that they do not like the new Champions project designed by Ceferin. Barça also differs from its two main partners in promoting, in the event that it takes place, an open Super League, while Madrid and Juve are in favor of a closed competition.

The negotiations with CVC have the approval of Javier Tebas, who seems to value isolating Real Madrid more than making a tailored suit for Barcelona. In the same sense, the rest of the LaLiga teams would not oppose either because they would see how the legal opposition to their agreement vanishes.

The agreement with CVC is very close, but Barcelona continues to have the option of opting for another investment fund with which it is in talks. A fund that offers less time to manage the club’s image rights, but pays less. The question would be to see how the financial interests of the operation square, which is what is being studied at the moment.

What seems clear is that the agreement, whoever it is, will last beyond Laporta’s mandate, a circumstance that the president wanted to avoid, but it will always be less than the 50-year period that had been proposed in the first offer.

This operation would allow Barcelona to be recapitalized at pre-pandemic levels if it were combined with the sale of 49 percent of Barça Studios, FC Barcelona’s audiovisual production company, which is very close to closing. An agreement that could be announced in the coming weeks and that would bring the Blaugrana club an income of 350 million euros.