Banned Twitch streamer climbs Mount Everest to fly the competition flag

Until his ban in 2017, IRL streamer Paul “Ice Poseidon” Denino (28) terrified Twitch. Now the controversial content creator is daring to make a fresh start on the competitor platform Kick. To kick things off, he started a marathon stream and even climbed the highest mountain in the world.

What streamer is this? Ice Poseidon was once considered Twitch’s most controversial streamer. The content creator became known through so-called IRL streams, in which he was out in the “real world”.

His fans almost always knew where he was and had a say in his behavior. However, this openness opened the door to less well-meaning viewers, who repeatedly rushed the streamer to the police.

This constant swatting eventually resulted in a ban for Ice Poseidon and caused the streamer, according to his own statement, to be scared to death. The 28-year-old has been on YouTube since being banned from Twitch, but now he seems to have his eye on the new streaming platform Kick and is celebrating his debut with a crazy promotion.

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Ice Poseidon on his way to the top – by Kick

What is this action? In early May, Ice Poseidon began streaming on the controversial platform Kick, which has already hosted some controversial content creators. To get started, he started a subathon where every dollar donated is supposed to extend the stream by one minute.

In the course of this subathon, Ice Poseidon first traveled through India and then through Nepal, where he set out to trek to Mount Everest Base Camp, accompanied by a team. It’s 5,600 meters above sea level, so the climb is quite an achievement.

How was it? As befits the IRL streamer, he let his viewers participate live in the eight-day trek to the base camp. The internet connection only failed on the last section, so the 28-year-old only has photo and video material from his glorious moment.

Arriving at base camp, Ice Poseidon placed a huge kick flag to the great delight of the spectators, as he shared via Twitter. He wrote that the ascent was one of the most difficult things he had done in his life.

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The campaign has apparently paid off for Ice Poseidon, because after less than a month on the new platform, he already has 41,000 followers there and is currently number 3 of the most watched streamers from Kick (via streamscharts).

For several months, Kick has been trying to poach larger streamers from the competition. While other platforms rely primarily on successful figureheads in similar endeavors, the new streaming platform is targeting the more controversial content creators who have not yet been able to land any lucrative deals.

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