Banned campaign posters of Mahamat Déby and Succès Masra irritate their rivals in the presidential election

Banned campaign posters of Mahamat Deby and Succes Masra irritate

The candidates for the presidential election scheduled for May 6 have stepped up for the second time in a week. They are protesting against the proliferation of giant electoral posters bearing the image of transitional president Mahamat Idriss Déby and his Prime Minister Succès Masra, both candidates in next month’s election.

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These posters are found in Ndjamena and in several provincial towns, despite a directive from the National Election Management Agency (Ange) which had “ required » last Tuesday the immediate removal of all posters posted in violation of the electoral code. But the ANGEL apparently did not make himself heard.

For former Prime Minister and presidential candidate Albert Pahimi Padacket, the persistent presence of posters of the transitional president and his Prime Minister on billboards, despite the order to remove them is ” proof that this structure lacks neutrality and independence » : « The Angel is on time service. They put [des affiches] in violation of the laws knowing that no reprimand can be addressed to them. As proof: the Angel published a press release asking all candidates to remove their posters. The two candidates continued as if nothing had happened and the Angel closed his mouth and could no longer say anything. »

On the side of the Agency responsible for organizing the elections, we say we are rather surprised. Its general rapporteur ensures that the injunction to remove posters posted outside the legal framework has been followed up. “ In the morning, we work, in the evening we return, and to my knowledge, I have not seen any visible posters; now if there are people who complain, they just have to provide us with proof and we, at the level of the Angel, will once again call to order these candidates or these political parties who still continue to violate the provisions of the electoral code », Indicates Tahir Hassan.

The only female candidate in the next election, Lydie Béassemnda sees the electoral posters of the two personalities at the head of the executive every day, but she has little illusion, she says: “ I’m not going to waste time asking the Angel to do anything, because the Angel won’t change. Those who have authority abuse it. »

People close to the president and the Prime Minister assure that these posters are the work of “ independent support offices “, and that they have already officially asked them to remove them.