Bandai Namco is doing remakes of their games too.

Bandai Namco is doing remakes of their games too

In these days when we are fed up with remake games, Bandai Namco has also decided to remake their games. The first spoken game is the Soul Calibur series.

We don’t know whether to take the easy way out or the desire of companies to present the brands they trust in a better way, but they cook and cook old games and put them in front of us in the ever-increasing remake trend. Recent rumors suggest that Bandai Namno is working on the Soul Calibur remake.

Bandai Namco brings its games to new systems

Journalist Nick Baker said on a podcast that Bandai Namco has been working on bringing some of their old games back for a while. Although he does not cite the source, he adds that these are internal sensations.

It is not yet known whether these remakes include a single product or the company’s other games, but Bandai Namco renewed the Soul Calibur brand last October. Of course, the rebrand doesn’t indicate that a new production is on the way, but it’s definitely one of the signs.

Baten Kaitos I & II is also added to PacMan and Klonoa, which have been renewed in the past years. This is one of the biggest indicators that other games may be on the way.

In addition to this information, Baker also mentions that there may be an Xbox-specific version. The reason for this is the company’s desire to carry its productions to as many platforms as possible.