Banca Valsabbina enters with 4% in Anthilia Capital Partners

Banca Valsabbina enters with 4 in Anthilia Capital Partners

(Finance) – Valsabbina Bankthe main cooperative bank of Brescia, has signed a agreement for the purchase of 4% of Anthilia Capital Partners SGRa company led by a group of professional partners with a specialist track record in the segment of asset management and complementary finance for SMEs.

The operation, based on a secondary market transaction, is inserted in the context of a more complex commercial agreement functional to the consolidation of the partnership already underway between the two entities, with the aim of implementing further services to SMEs, also as part of a common evolutionary strategy in asset and wealth management. Financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

Banca Valsabbina places itself as such innovative local bank, offering companies – also through industrial or strategic partnerships – a plurality of services complementary to traditional finance (access to the capital market, issuance of minibonds, securitization operations). Anthilia reached a assets under management of over 2.5 billion euroswith more than 1.3 billion invested in private capital, and is active in the management of open and closed investment funds, individual absolute return mandates, Eltif and alternative PIRs, as well as in investment consultancy.

“The investment, albeit a minority one, allows us to consolidate the partnership with the aim of operating increasingly in synergy, offering specialized services with high added value for the local economy – he comments Hermes BianchettiActing Deputy General Manager of Banca Valsabbina – At the same time we are expanding the range of managed savings products offered to our qualified customers, also in line with market needs and trends”.

“The financial and industrial agreement achieves a dual objective: it contributes to the growth path of Anthilia Capital Partners and strengthens the partnership with Banca Valsabbina, introducing the foundations for new and further synergies. We are certain and aware that within the scope of this agreement there are all the elements to create an important and mutual added value in the field of services to Italian SMEs and savings management”, declares Giovanni Landipresident of Anthilia Holding.