Baldwin to stand trial after fatal shooting

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The incident occurred in connection with a film shoot in New Mexico in the United States, when Baldwin fired a weapon that turned out to be live-loaded. The shot hit photographer Halyna Hutchins, who died, and injured director Joel Souza.

Now Alec Baldwin is being charged together with the shooting’s gun officer Hannah Gutierrez Reed for causing the death of another.

Prosecutor Andrea Reeb believes there was a pattern of “criminal breach of security” at the filming. According to prosecutors, the fact that Baldwin was both the film’s producer – and the one who held the gun – was important for the decision to bring charges.

Baldwin and Gutierrez-Reed will now be called to court, where a judge will decide if there is enough evidence for a trial. Such a process can take up to 60 days.

Baldwin’s lawyer has previously called the charges a “judicial murder.”

If convicted, they both risk up to 18 months in prison and a fine of 5,000 dollars, equivalent to roughly 50,000 Swedish kronor.

The events occurred during the filming of the movie Rust in Santa Fe.