Bad weather Marche, from Generali Country Italia extraordinary measures

Bad weather Marche from Generali Country Italia extraordinary measures

(Finance) – Generali Country Italia intervenes in support of customers and agents affected by the exceptional atmospheric events that have affected the Marche.

An initiative plan has been activated which provides: for car covers: suspension of policies, cessation of risk in the event of destruction of the vehicle, extensions and deferrals of premium payments; for non-auto damage coverage: suspension of the payment of premiums and of the guarantee, exceptionally repayment of the installments of the insurance premiums paid and not used, extension to 60 days of the terms of payment of the premiums; for life covers: deferred payment of 3 months without application of interest, policy reactivations until December 16, 2022 without the application of interest, splitting of premium payments with zero interest, special loans, possibility of early termination of contracts without penalties with revaluation of the amount due up to the date of request.

On the subject of accountingthe debt collection companies will grant a 60-day extension of the payment terms and the agencies of the municipalities concerned will be able to postpone the payment times for premiums by one week.

For a swift management of claims, Generali Italia, Alleanza Assicurazioni and Cattolica Assicurazioni have immediately activated the interventions envisaged by the “Here for you” catastrophe management model and made available to agents and customers, damaged by bad weather, the toll-free number 800.867.222 dedicated to information and claims reporting.

By contacting the agencies of Generali Italia, Alleanza Assicurazioni and Cattolica Assicurazioni in the area, or by calling Genertel at green number 800.20.20.20 or Genertellife at the toll-free number 800.20.20.90 it is possible to request concessions both for car and non-car damage coverage, and for life insurance policies.