Bad weather, FS: changes to HS, Intercity and regional races tomorrow too

Bad weather FS changes to HS Intercity and regional races

(Tiper Stock Exchange) – The reduction in the number of journeys, detours and slowdowns for the High Speed, Intercity and regional trains that travel the HS and conventional lines between Florence and Bologna will continue for the whole day of tomorrow 18 May. Slowdowns and cancellations – reads the note released by the FS group – will reverberate however, on all circulation along the north-south ridge, on the Milan-Rome and Venice-Rome axes.

The reprogramming – continues the note – it is necessary due to the effects also on the railway infrastructures of the severe bad weather and the flooding which continues to affect the whole area between Emilia-Romagna, Marche and Tuscany. Due to the difficulties generated by the persistence of bad weather, the reactivation of railway traffic on the Adriatic line between Bologna and Rimini is currently scheduled for 6.00 on Monday 22 May”.

The note also informs that dat 17.00 traffic on the Bologna-Porretta railway line resumed with some delays. Traffic has also been reactivated between Florence and Marradthe. At the moment it is not possible to make any reactivation predictions for the other lines where circulation is interrupted: Bologna-Ravenna, Ferrara-Ravenna-Rimini, Faenza-Ravenna, Faenza-Marradi. RFI technicians are ready to intervene as soon as conditions allow to check the state of the infrastructure and start the interventions to restore its full efficiency in total safety.

Some long-distance trains to and from Puglia will follow the route via Bologna-Florence-Rome-Caserta-Foggia with an increase in journey times. Part of the Intercity night train offer will be guaranteed, which will follow the route via Bologna-Florence-Terontola-Falconara-Ancona-Lecce. On the Av Trenitalia line it used double composition trains to ensure more seats for travellers, in view of the necessary reduction in journeys.

All RFI and Trenitalia structures – concludes the note – “I am in continuous contact with the competent Authorities to adopt all measures to guarantee maximum safety of railway traffic and reduce the inevitable inconvenience to passengers, also with the widest and most timely information and assistance possible. I am beyond 230 RFI technicians at work monitoring the network and providing assistance in the stations, as well 560 Trenitalia people involved in assisting travelers in stations and on board trains. Telematic assistance has also been enhanced through text messages, emails, Trenitalia apps and websites”.