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Bad injury Rasmus Schuller has a sad start to

Djurgården’s Rasmus Schüller was badly injured in the Swedish league season opener. Djurgården beat Gothenburg 4–1, Miro Tenho managed to score.

A midfielder who plays for the Swedish premier league team Djurgården Rasmus Schuller was injured in his season opener on Monday afternoon.

Schüller’s left ankle badly bent during a tackle against IFK Göteborg in the 17th minute. The tackled Icelander Kolbeinn Thordarson received a yellow card for the situation.

Schüller was treated on the field for several minutes before he was carried off the field with his leg heavily bandaged.

Discovery channel reporter reports Swedish media Expressen according to that the Finnish player may have a fracture in his leg.

Thordarson received a second yellow card moments later for a silly kick to the legs Piotr Johansson. This is how the Icelander was driven off the field.

– Very cleverly done. Ugly, late and idiotic tackle, Discovery expert Anders Andersson updated Thordarson’s latter warning.

Miro Tenho in scoring

Midfielder Schüller is one of Djurgården’s most important players. In 2022, he helped Djurgården to second place in the Swedish league and to the group stage in the Conference League.

Schüller has been part of the Finnish men’s national team for a long time. A week and a half ago, Schüller was in the Huuhkajie’s starting line-up in the EC qualifying match against Wales.

At the break, Djurgården led the match 2–0 by Marcus Danielson and By Lucas Bergvall with hits.

In addition to Schüller, Djurgården from Finland is represented by Toppari Miro Tenhowho played the entire match.

The match ended 4–1 for the visiting team Djurgården. Tenho scored his team’s third hit. The Finnish defender was left lurking in the opponent’s goal after a corner kick and was able to place the ball into the net from the front corner.

The results of the Swedish league and the league table on teletext on pages 693–694.