Backdoor: what is it?

Backdoor what is it

Backdoor means ” door from behind ”and it is translated as“ backdoor ”. Strictly speaking, it designates secret access to the data of a software or a computer, and created without the user’s knowledge. There are several ways to set up a stealth scope.

The physical construction of the backdoor

  • The builder: Sometimes the builder creates a backdoor in order to facilitate the maintenance of operating system. This is what technicians in your messaging when they take control of your device remotely. It is rarer for the manufacturer to develop it out of incompetence or malice.
  • Any third party likely to have access to a computer: a third party can introduce a Trojan horse in your computer, intentionally (burglar) or not (co-worker or a relative) without your knowledge. This type of event is quite common in local networks.

Install a backdoor by trapping the user of the device

Techniques that allow you to open a backdoor by introducing computer worms are known:

  • viral cyber attacks;
  • Phishing (phishing): a fake message from an institution that is familiar to you (the Post Office, your bank, your company, etc.) asks you for your personal and / or bank details;
  • emails trapped by a fraudulent attachment or link;
  • external media: DVDs, pirated games, trick sites, etc.

What is a backdoor for?

A backdoor can be installed by a manufacturer for laudable reasons. In the majority of cases, however, backdoors are installed by hackers who are susceptible toinfect, loot or spy on your data.

Backdoors installed by software developers:

  • The developer wishes to easily perform maintenance operations;
  • Punish a dishonest customer who refuses, for example, to pay for his license, by deactivating his software.

Backdoors exploited by hackers:

The hackers take control a computer, its peripherals, or even a whole computer network. They can thus:

  • spy on it, they have access to passwords, technological and commercial secrets, banking data, etc;
  • engage in looting (they thus embezzle the victim’s funds) or Ransomware which consists of blocking access to a device or files and monetize the reopening ;
  • destroy the computer system over which they have taken control;
  • smear the reputation of their victim by spreading false rumors, for example.

How does a backdoor work?

The backdoor can be legally installed by the manufacturer or brought in by hackers. They use the most effective viral methods to take control of a device. A backdoor can be installed on any type of hacker computer device. A backdoor can be introduced on your computer, a computer network, smartphones, connected objects, routers, firewalls, etc.

Various dissemination methods

The backdoor can be restarted automatically as soon as the device starts up, infecting protocols communication likeIRC (Internet Relay Chat) for example. They can also detect IP addresses devices affected by a backdoor. China sold routers with back doors.

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