Babies from Gaza arrive in Egypt

The first premature babies from Gaza have arrived in Egypt, according to Egyptian media reports. The 29 children have been brought there after being evacuated from al Shifa hospital in Gaza City on Sunday.
– They told me that if I didn’t deliver the baby right away, both I and the baby could die, says the mother, Noura Abu-Hassan.

The uproar surrounding the babies who had to leave Gaza’s al Shifa hospital for a safer life in Egypt on Sunday is great. 31 children, several of them in incubators, were driven away in ambulances. Many had their mothers and other close relatives with them.

But only 29 of the children are said to have arrived in Egypt and been hospitalized. The reason for this is not yet known.

– They told me that if I didn’t deliver the baby right away, both I and the baby could die. I was delivered by caesarean section and spent four days in the intensive care unit in Shuja’iyya, says Noura Abu-Hassan, who gave birth to her child in the seventh month.

– There were battles and the house fell on top of us, only we survived. Then we were left without a home, she continues.

According to state-linked Egyptian Al-Qahera News, the children are in incubators, and according to sources to TT, all the children will not be able to be cared for in the same hospital due to a lack of incubators.

– There are not enough incubators at the El-Arish hospital and some babies will have to be moved to Ismailia or Cairo, the source told TT.

Field hospital from Jordan

A cargo plane with a field hospital on board left Jordan on Monday. The contents were transferred to trucks and driven in via Rafah, the border crossing between Egypt and Gaza that is used in connection with the so-called humanitarian breaks.

The border crossing is the only one to and from Gaza that is not controlled by Israel.

– There are 40 trucks with equipment, 180 doctors, nurses and administrative staff, says Hisham Adwan, head of the border crossing.

Israeli army base hit

The terrorist group Hezbollah in southern Lebanon will on Monday shell an Israeli army base in northern Israel. The images have been verified by the AP news agency.

Israel has responded by attacking Hezbollah positions with artillery fire.