Babben Larsson’s monster salary – that’s how much the TV profile earns

Babben Larssons monster salary thats how much the TV

It was in the late 1980s that Babben Larsson broke through as a stand-up comedian and since then a lot has happened for the Gotland-born TV profile.

She has been named Sweden’s best female comedian, hosted Christmas on SVT and won television awards for “Bäst i test”, which she co-hosts with David Sundin since the premiere in 2017.

But how is it then on the financial front? Not bad at all, it turns out.

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Babben Larsson’s salary – that’s how much she earns

According to documents from Tax Agency that Nyheter24 learned of, Babben Larsson had a fixed earned income of SEK 1,191,700 in 2022.

In the same year, there was a capital surplus of SEK 178,101.

Photo: Tim Aro/TT

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Babben Larsson’s company has a turnover of millions

In June 2023, a turnover of SEK 2.5 million was reported in Babben Larsson’s own companies “Rönnsumak Entertainment Aktiebolag”. The profit was a more modest 258,000 kroner, while the assets in the company were measured at 9.8 million kroner.

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