Awesome figure from Elden Ring fan

An Elden Ring fan brought the game’s massive Walking Mausoleum to life. However, the price for this replica cannot be determined yet.

Elden Ring was a huge success when it launched in 2022, and players are expressing their connection to this unique world through artistic creativity. In this regard, some fans have created impressive replicas and depictions of locations and characters in the game.

Awesome Walking Mausoleum figure from Elden Ring fan

A Reddit user named DogIsDead777 recreated the game’s famous Walking Mausoleum with a replica made of pink insulation board, cardboard, and plastic. This work he created is very faithful to its version in the game and its details amaze.

In the images he shared on Reddit, it is clearly seen how much effort he put in for five months and what a successful job he did at the end of this process. In the comments section, many players express their admiration for the quality of the replica. So much so that some say they want to buy this replica. But DogIsDead777 says he has no idea what will determine the price of this replica.

Scratch built Walking Mausoleum
byu/DogIsDead777 ofeldenring

The creator also states that he wanted to add white skulls to make the replica even more perfect, but could not find pieces of the appropriate size. In the game, you can defeat the Walking Mausoleum by breaking these skulls, which gives players various advantages.

The Elden Ring community expresses this connection through art, not only in the digital world but also in real life, thanks to the depth and richness that the game brings.