Awakening: Exploring the Tombs of Izjum takes a long time | According to the economics Nobel laureate, we are once again in the cold war

Awakening Exploring the Tombs of Izjum takes a long time

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War crimes investigator Ranta: The investigation of the Izjum graves in Ukraine will still take a long time

The remains of hundreds of people were found in Izjum, which was liberated by the Ukrainian army, and according to the governor of the region, at least some of them show signs of torture and tying. Forensic dentist who participated in the investigation of war crimes Helena Beach stomps: the investigation will take a long time and only after that will it be known what was done to the dead. Evidence of the ammunition can still be found after half a year, but some of the dead have had time to decompose a long way.

Economic Nobel laureate to : We are in a new cold war

American economics Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz demands an additional tax on companies making large profits thanks to the war. According to him, one solution to Europe’s energy crisis can be found in taxation. Stiglitz criticizes European decision-makers for not realizing the serious consequences it would have on the energy market right after the war started.

Konepaja invests in new energy solutions for years, but does not think it will be enough in the coming winter

The machine shop in Laitila has invested heavily in energy saving. Still, the coming winter is going to be tough. The lecturer in thermal energy technology praises the investments made, but believes that energy optimization will help to generate even more kilowatts.

Huuhkajat will play in the evening against Romania in the League of Nations

Huuhkajat will play in the Nations League against Romania at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium on Friday at 21:45. You can watch the broadcast on TV2 and Areena starting at 9 p.m. The head coach Markku Kanervan the named team has many newcomers, but also Huuhkaji returnees, such as who played in the German Bundesliga Fredrik Jensen.

Elsewhere it’s cloudy, in Western Lapland it’s drizzling

On Friday, a weather front will approach Finland from the west, and it will rain a little or drizzle in Western Lapland. In the rest of the country, the weather continues to be dusty, and especially in the middle parts of the country, it is quite sunny.

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