Awakening: Denmark at the ballot box | In rural areas, getting a taxi is a pain | Judgment at the narcolepsy courts

Awakening Denmark at the ballot box In rural areas
The main news of the morning:

Mette Fredriksen, tarnished by the mink scandal, struggles for her position in Denmark’s early elections – “comeback kid” Lars L√łkke Rasmussen can become the kingmaker

Getting a taxi has become more difficult in sparsely populated areas – unnecessary calls can cost a lot of money

At the age of 14, Jere Kiiski started falling asleep in strange places – now he is seeking compensation for narcolepsy caused by a vaccine

Bolsonaro, who lost the Brazilian presidential race, has still not commented on the election result – it is unclear whether he intends to admit his defeat

Finland and 49 other countries condemn China’s human rights violations in Xinjiang in a joint statement

Drizzle, spray and fog

There will be slight drizzle in the eastern part of the country, elsewhere it will rain. There are also fogs in places. The temperature varies from zero in Lapland to ten degrees in the southwest.

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