Avatar 2, new Marvel series and movie about hot chips

Avatar 2 new Marvel series and movie about hot chips

You certainly won’t get bored at Disney+ in June. Because in addition to the start of streaming of James Cameron’s long-awaited second Pandora excursion, the MCU also reveals in a new series, what’s next for the Marvel heroes.

On Disney+ in June: Marvel’s Secret Invasion, Avatar 2 and the Big Chips Movie

The two big highlights Avatar 2: The Way of Water and Secret Invasion are not all that awaits you in June until Disney +. Marvel fans can also look forward to a documentary about comic book legend Stan Lee. And action classic Heat sneaks into the program.

After we were last told the story of how a shoe came about in Air – The Great Throw, Disney+ also puts Eva Longoria’s latest film in the “Absurd Origins” category: Flamin’ Hot on the origin story of perhaps the hottest chips in the world. There are also a few lesser known films by Matthew McConaughey, Denzel Washington and Robert De Niro waiting to be discovered by you as other new cinematic additions.

All new series on Disney+ in June 2023:

From June 7th

From June 14th

From June 21st

From June 28th

From June 29th

  • Cooking Undercover – Season 1
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    Avatar 2 is coming to Disney+ in June 2023

    All new movies on Disney+ in June 2023:

    2th of June

    June 7th

    June 9th

    June 16th

    23rd June

    June 28th

    June 30th

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