Autumn: dates, characteristics of the season, equinox

Autumn dates characteristics of the season equinox

When does autumn begin, and how do you recognize its arrival? A particular season with its own functions and characteristics. From the autumnal equinox to its refreshing climate, find out all there is to know about this transitional season.

When does fall 2022 start?

Fall begins this year on Friday, September 23, 2022, and ends on Wednesday, December 21, 2022 to make way for winter. Every 4 years, the month of February heralding a leap year with its 29th additional day, the dates of the spring and autumn equinoxes are shifted. The autumnal equinox can thus fall between September 21 and 24.

First day of autumn: what is the equinox?

We call the first day of autumn the autumnal equinox. This term comes from the Latin “æquinoctium” which can be translated asequal” and “night” which means that the equinox corresponds to the moment when the duration of the day is equal to that of the night. The autumnal equinox takes place this year on Friday, September 23.

What are the fall months?

These are therefore during the months of September (in part), October, November and December (partially), three months in total, that we find ourselves in autumn.

What happens in autumn?

During the fall, the level of sunshine decreases and the cold air begins to appear. The days are also getting shorter. But, when we think of autumn, what comes to mind is above all the trees that change colors: red, yellow, brown… nature puts on a show. Then the leaves gradually fall, swirling in the wind. In terms of fauna, autumn marks the beginning of migration to warm regions for some, such as the swallow. Others go into hibernation between October and November (not to come out until spring!). Finally, many harvests take place in autumn. This is the case for fruits such as apples, pears or figs, but also for grapes (and harvests). Dried fruits such as walnuts, chestnuts and hazelnuts are also harvested in the fall. This is also the season for picking mushrooms during family walks in the forest. But what children generally prefer during the fall is the Halloween party which takes place every year on October 31. During this day, the eve of All Saints’ Day (holiday dedicated to honoring the deceased), the children put on scary costumes to go beg for sweets in the neighborhood and decorate pumpkins.

Our health tips for staying in shape in the fall!

This season is often the one when you feel the most tired, sometimes even depressed. So what to eat to feel in top shape? How to gain energy? Find all our advice to keep fishing and prepare little by little to face the winter that follows.

What activities to do with children in autumn?

In autumn, chestnuts and other dead leaves collected during walks in the forest are kept to make very original creations! Take a look at our DIY ideas to do with young and old on Hugo the snail.

What are the dates for the autumn holidays?

The All Saints holidays have dates common to all areas. They take place from Saturday October 22, 2022 to Monday November 7, 2022.