Autostrade, Oliveri: “Skills challenge for infrastructure development”

Autostrade Oliveri Skills challenge for infrastructure development

(Finance) – “We are engaged in a profound transformation process, especially in a program to increase the infrastructural capacity of the network. What we need are the skills of talented young people who know how to look at the development of the infrastructural network in
a perspective of sustainability. “This is what La president of Autostrade per l’Italia, Elisabetta Oliveri, on the sidelines of the presentation of the second edition of the Smart Infrastructures Academy, in collaboration betweenFederico II University of Napolie Tecne, a company of the Aspi group.

“I came to San Giovanni a Teduccio for my first outing after being nominated as president of Autostrade in May – he underlined Oliveri – and on that occasion we closed the first edition of the Academy. I wanted to come back today for the launch of the second edition precisely because we attach great importance to this initiative “.

Oliveri stressed Autostrade’s commitment to a transformation process and a program to increase the infrastructural capacity of the network. “We are talking about new, relevant works – he continued Oliveri – we speak for example of the Gronda di Genova, which is a great work
important and extremely challenging from the point of view of engineering content. What we need are the skills and, for this, these multidisciplinary paths are created that bring students who have already graduated, with a very broad and specific knowledge base in the field of civil and construction engineering, in contact with a series of multidisciplinary elements , which allow them to join the company and immediately be a value for us. “In this regard, Oliveri highlighted that those enrolled in the first edition of the Academy” were all
framed within the realities of the Autostrade group. In particular – he added – one of the companies in which these young people will find themselves mostly working is the one that deals with engineering, which is called Tecne. Remembering the photo in which the boys sign their first employment contract at the end of the last edition’s path, we want to do the same thing with the participants in the second edition,
framing them immediately in the realities of the group “.