Automobile Brand Nio’s First Smartphone is Coming!

Automobile Brand Nios First Smartphone is Coming

In the world of technology and vehicles, surprises often come on four wheels. However, the latest surprise from electric vehicle giant Nio can fit into your pocket. Electric car giant Niowhich will be introduced on September 21 first smartphone is preparing for.

On September 21, after many delays, Nio finally smart phone It is getting ready to step into the field and is moving away from the electric vehicle path it is accustomed to. The recent launch of the new Nio EC6 actually gave clues about the new initiative. In the first 50 seconds of the broadcast a smartphone appearing more than once It sparked curiosity about Nio’s entry into the mobile phone market.

The phone seen in the video has a magnificent design language. on four sides extremely thin bezels And with curved screen It’s clear that Nio’s commitment to stylish design isn’t limited to just cars. So what does it promise for those who hate that annoying notch or the annoying frame of the front camera? Nio’s potential answer is China, a design choice favored by some of today’s top-end phones. a tiny hole in the middle of the screen.

In the search for form, functionality was not forgotten. Generally on premium Android models The unlocking mechanism with the screen fingerprint used is included in the video. However, if you want a peek at the back, you won’t be happy for now. The number of cameras and their layouts remain a puzzle for now.

Earlier this month, a post by a user on Weibo, citing Nio co-founder and chairman Qin Lihong, revealed that the phone will be released soon confirmed. Although the phone is still hidden, deliveries Starting at the end of September Waiting. Nio management emphasized in a recent analyst call that this device will be an important contribution that will increase Nio’s competitiveness. If Nio’s CEO William Li’s words are true, iPhone enthusiasts They may have found the perfect Android backup.

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For tech enthusiasts, Antutu, a famous phone benchmarking platform, has already given a glimpse inside the phone. in your heart Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoCnext to you 12GB RAM And 1 TB storage It seems that Nio does not skimp on technical features. For those wondering about storage options, “RAM 16 GB + ROM 1 TB” and “RAM 16 GB + ROM 512 GB” options are also available.

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So who is preparing this device? Courtesy of China’s mobile device certification process, now available from Hunan Lens Technology We know it is. This isn’t their first rodeo; iPhones to Apple They supply lenses and related components for and More than two years with Tesla They have an ongoing relationship for a while. Nio received the CCC certification on September 15 and revealed more of the features of its upcoming phone.

Just when you thought the smartphone market had reached its peak in power struggles, Nio’s phone surprisingly Fast charging with 100W promises. To make a comparison, the newly introduced iPhone 15 seriesLooks like it’s lingering around 27W charging power.