Auto, Acea: pre-pandemic levels still far off, 66.2 million vehicles sold worldwide in 2022

Auto Acea pre pandemic levels still far off 662 million vehicles

(Finance) – In 2022 they were registered in the world 66.2 million new cars (-0.1% compared to 2021), a level still far below the pre-pandemic levels of 2019 (when 74.9 million units were registered). Registrations in region European they decreased by 10.4% in 2022 to 12.8 million units, affected by semiconductor shortages and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. These are some of the numbers contained in theEconomic and Market Report Of Aceathe European Association of Builders.

Despite a slight rebound in the last quarter of 2022, full-year sales volumes in North America they decreased by 8.7% compared to 2021, to 12.7 million units. Car sales also declined Japan (-5.1% compared to 2021), due to the increase in energy prices combined with the depreciation of the yen. The question into China on the other hand, it increased by 7.6% on an annual basis to 21.7 million cars sold, thanks also to the end of government incentives in 2022 which anticipated demand.

On the front of production, on the other hand, in 2022 over 68 million passenger cars were produced worldwide, an increase of 7.9% compared to the previous year. Despite a 7.1% increase in automobile production in theEUoverall volumes in Europe decreased by 1.6%, affected by the collapse of Russian markets And Ukrainian. Auto production in North America increased 10.3% in 2022 to 10.4 million units, mainly driven by strong demand in the United States.

With the revocation of the blocks and with the demand strongly stimulated by the incentives governmental, China’s auto production increased by 11.7% last year, with 23.2 million vehicles built, accounting for 34% of global production. Driven by robust domestic demand and higher consumer confidence, auto manufacturing Indiana instead it reached 4.3 million units in 2022, with a strong growth of 21.6%.