Attal sets the government’s timetable and priorities – L’Express

Attal sets the governments timetable and priorities – LExpress

“Action, action and more action”: the Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal, brought together, on Saturday February 10, in Matignon, his entire government, in full since Thursday, to set the “ calendar and priorities” for the coming months and include them in “the daily life of the French”.

After a month-long reshuffle period which dragged on to produce an executive without many new faces, it was for Gabriel Attal to show a “government pack” which is “at work”, in the words by Prisca Thevenot, the government spokesperson. “Collective action and tangible results for our compatriots. This is what I asked the members of my Government,” the Prime Minister commented on X.

Two and a half hours of seminar

The 35 members of the government were present for the seminar which lasted two and a half hours, with the exception of the Minister of the Armed Forces, Sébastien Lecornu. “We are really in action,” affirmed Prisca Thevenot, assuring that Gabriel Attal’s “approach” consists of “listening, dialoguing and also following the decisions that have been put in place”.

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“We must now be sure (that the measures) are in the daily lives of the French (and say) in transparency, in honesty, but in responsibility, where it worked and where we must be able to review the copy if there is needs,” said Prisca Thevenot. The other members of the executive left Matignon in light rain without making a statement.

After introductory remarks by the head of government, the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, took stock of the economic situation, while the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Stéphane Séjourné, was to speak on the international situation and the European elections in June.

For the Prime Minister, barely appointed by the agricultural crisis and the teachers’ revolt, and this week by the attacks of the historic ally of the President of the Republic, François Bayrou, it is a question of regaining control of the story at the start of this mandate.

“If we do not impose our own political calendar ourselves, we expose ourselves to repeated crises,” we explained to Matignon, in an allusion to the mobilization of farmers.

Ministers on the ground

As the government only has a relative majority in the National Assembly, it must also decide which measures must be passed by law and which will follow the regulatory route. After the seminar, Gabriel Attal should speak in the Sunday press, Matignon said.

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Several ministers immediately left for the field, like the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, expected early in the afternoon in Besançon (Doubs). He will fly to Mayotte on Sunday with the new Minister for Overseas Territories, Marie Guévenoux, to address the security crisis and prepare an operation “Wuambushu 2”, “against delinquency and illegal immigration”.

For her part, the Minister of Labor, Catherine Vautrin, has a trip planned for Saturday in the Loiret with the Minister for Health, Frédéric Valletoux.

Asked Thursday evening on France 2 about his priorities for the first 100 days, Gabriel Attal affirmed that he was going to “continue to work” on the agricultural crisis, in the run-up to the Agricultural Show, while a law of guidance is in preparation.

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He also mentioned youth, hoping “in the spring” the publication of a “guide of good practices” on the use of screens for families as well as “decisions” for schools. He reiterated that he wanted to make the “mental health” of young people a “big priority” and that he was going to “review” the psychological support system which does not “work”.

The Prime Minister also cited housing, which is going through a deep crisis, wishing to “take strong measures to encourage more building” but also “to revive demand” by looking at “banking issues”.