Attal, Philippe, Le Pen? A poll reveals the favorites for the 2027 presidential election

Attal Philippe Le Pen A poll reveals the favorites for

The balance of power with a view to the 2027 presidential election is already being tested and if Gabriel Attal has his chances, he does not emerge as the favorite against Edouard Philippe and Marine Le Pen.

Building on his rise to the government, the Prime Minister close to Emmanuel Macron is beginning to be considered as a possible candidate for the 2024 presidential election. Gabriel Attal has not come forward and is keeping possible secret ambitions, unlike others like Edouard Philippe or Marine Le Pen do not hide their desire to go to the countryside. So what would be the chances of the thirty-year-old in 2027? Everything could be played out in a pocket handkerchief according to a Ifop survey carried out for Current value and published this Wednesday, February 7.

Attal and Philippe tied

Three years before the presidential election, all hypotheses must be taken with great caution as trends still have time to change and be reversed dozens of times. But for now Gabriel Attal would follow or be followed very closely by Edouard Philippe in voting intentions. The two men, tested in turn as the candidate of the presidential camp, would collect 22% of the votes in the first round according to the hypothesis tested in the poll. Opposite, it is Marine Le Pen who would do well with 36% of voting intentions in the first round.

The leader of the National Rally is therefore essential in the hypotheses of a second round. Who, Edouard Philippe or Gabriel Attal, would do better against the far right? The former Prime Minister and head of the Horizons party would stand up to his rival with 50% of the votes gathered on both sides. The current head of government would oscillate between 49 and 50% compared to the 51% of voting intentions allocated to the representative of the RN, still according to the same survey. In this scenario, the ball goes (narrowly) into Edouard Philippe’s court, but we should not draw hasty conclusions. The results of Gabriel Attal, Edouard Philippe and Marine Le Pen are within the margin of error.

Attal shows a slight decline

Gabriel Attal remains in similar waters, but shows a slight decline in voting intentions compared to the previous poll concerning the 2027 presidential election carried out at the beginning of January by theIfop for the JDD. The Prime Minister was then credited with 23% of voting intentions in the first round compared to 32% for Marine Le Pen. In an identical case, Edouard Philippe was credited with 25% of the supposed votes against 33% for the leader of the RN. The poll made no assumptions about a second round.