Attal announces “exceptional means” in the face of “Islamist terrorism”

Attal announces exceptional means in the face of Islamist terrorism

In the wake of the Moscow attack, France raised the posture of the Vigipirate plan to the “emergency attack” level. During a visit to Gare St-Lazare in Paris this Monday, March 25, Prime Minister Gabriel Attal announced additional measures to combat the terrorist threat, which he considers “real”. The branch of Daesh which claimed responsibility for the attack on Moscow has even, according to him, already tried to act in France.

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During his trip, Gabriel Attal announced Monday that “ exceptional means » would be deployed « everywhere in the territory » French, with “ 4,000 additional soldiers » placed « on alert », after the attack in Moscow claimed by the jihadist group Islamic State. Surveillance will be reinforced near so-called “sensitive” places, such as schools, train stations and places of worship.

The Islamist terrorist threat is real, it is strong ” And “ she never faltered “, said the Prime Minister during a visit to Saint-Lazare station in Paris, after the Vigipirate system was raised to its maximum level. He said two planned attacks had been “ foiled » in France since the start of the year.

The enemy has a name, I will say it again here, it is Islamist terrorism. 45 attacks have been foiled since 2017 and since the start of this year, just a few months ago, already two attack plans have been foiled in our country.

Gabriel Attal, French Prime Minister

Raphaël Delvolve

According to the Ministry of the Interior to AFP, the first foiled attack dates back to January 10, with the arrest of a person for a project targeting “ Jewish targets ” or a “ LGBT nightclub “. The second, on March 5, concerned a 62-year-old man for a planned attack against Christian religious buildings, the same source said.

We act upstream, we act on all fronts. Our fight against terrorism cannot be fought with words. It is very concrete and our hand will never tremble in the face of terrorism, never in the face of Islamism “, added Gabriel Attal, affirming that 45 planned attacks had been foiled since 2017, and that 760 radicalized foreigners had been ” taken back to the border ” since that date.

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