Attal announces a “rabbit tax” of €5 in the event of absence from a medical appointment

Gabriel Attal will answer questions from deputies alone during five

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal announced several health-related measures on Saturday April 6, including better psychological care for young people and an increase in the number of doctors trained in France. Most of the projects are already in the government’s pipeline.

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Five euros is the price that will have to be paid in the future for any medical appointment not kept, or if the patient does not cancel their appointment at least 24 hours in advance. The amount collected will go directly into the caregiver’s pocket. A way for the government to make citizens responsible and recover the 20 million medical slots lost each year in this way.

Gabriel Attal also wants to focus on the mental health of young people, by improving the MonSoutienPsy system, which already exists: 12 sessions with a psychologist will now be offered, and with direct access; sessions partly covered by complementary health insurance and revalued at 50 euros rather than 30 in order to encourage professionals to get involved in the system

The other measures are not new. The government is pushing caregivers to do more shifts in the evenings and weekends. He wants to simplify sixteen medical procedures considered time-consuming, and open more places at medical university. Objective: 16,000 places in second year by 2027. Future doctors who will only enter the job market in a decade.