Attal announces a new Egalim law by the summer – L’Express

the government puts pressure on the strikers – LExpress

A few days before the opening of the Porte de Versailles Agricultural Show and anger is still present, the Prime Minister wanted to demine the land. Gabriel Attal wanted on Wednesday to place agriculture “at the rank of fundamental interests” of France in the same way as its security or its defense, reaffirming that “the objective of agricultural and food sovereignty” would be written “black and white” in the future agricultural orientation bill.

This bill, expected by the summer, “recognizes in black and white our objective of agricultural and food sovereignty”, affirmed the Prime Minister during a press conference devoted to the agricultural crisis. “It is a strong act. It is an expected and legitimate recognition. It is a reminder that there is no country without farmers, no France without agriculture,” he added, recalling that the State had already made “62 commitments” to farmers since the start of the crisis.

Concretely, he announced a new Egalim law text by the summer and that 99.6% of the “basic aid” from the CAP has already been paid.

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