Attal alone facing the deputies in a new configuration of the National Assembly

Attal alone facing the deputies in a new configuration of

From April 3, the French Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal, will appear alone in front of the deputies, on Wednesday, during the question session to the government. This exercise will be tested over a period of five weeks.

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This is the continuation of the project undertaken by Yaël Braun-Pivet for “ revitalize » Questions to Government (QAG), which is one of the ways in which the parliament available to exercise its mission of control over the government. If Elisabeth Borne had declined the idea of ​​responding alone to the deputies during the Wednesday session, her successor Gabriel Attal on the contrary, showed himself ready to play the game following the request of the President of the National Assembly.

And for Mathieu Lefevre, Renaissance deputy, it was necessary to bring renewal: “ First of all, it is an honor for each MP to have the Prime Minister answer their question. Thus, we will have a session which will perhaps be a little more political, more followed, and a little more publicized. »

In any case, it is essential for this session to regain its appeal. This is audacity. But we, parliamentarians, need to question our role as deputies, about the way of questioning the government, about our ability to have questions and answers, to be more tit for tat with the government than we is not at present. And the government should not be blamed in this matter. It is also up to us, parliamentarians, to take our responsibilities. This Wednesday, parliamentarians will have the Prime Minister in front of them. It is both a great opportunity and a great responsibility », continued the MP.

We’ll see if it’s just communication »

The National Rally is also in favor of this new formula, while remaining aware of the media exposure that the exercise offers to the majority during an electoral period. “ We’ll see if it’s just communication or if there will actually be answers. It will only be a failure if they use it for politicking, politicking, in particular during European elections where, as we know, there is a desire to use Parliament to serve the European elections and the candidacy as opposed to that of Jordan Bardella », Explained Thomas Ménage, RN deputy.

On the left, environmentalist MP Sandrine Rousseau denounces this communication exercise which aims to weaken Parliament. “ This refers to the fact that the Prime Minister is a form of spokesperson for this government and not the head of this government. And a leader who functions well is a leader who works as a team. I do not understand this exercise of hyper personification of responses in Parliament, which is the beating heart of our democracy. This is a weakening of our ties with the government », she regrets.

Tested until the end of May, a review clause is planned to decide whether this innovation should be long-term.

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