Attacks in Lebanon and Syria

Attacks in Lebanon and Syria



full screen The attack in northern Lebanon was carried out by Israeli warplanes. Archive image. Photo: Thanassis Stavrakis/AP/TT

At least 15 people have been killed in airstrikes in eastern Syria. In Lebanon, Israel has attacked targets further into the country than before.

Most of those killed in Syria are said to be fighting for pro-Iranian groups. Media in Iran confirm that one person from the country’s Revolutionary Guard is among the dead, and blame Israel for the attacks.

According to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), it is still unclear who is behind the attacks, but both the US and Israel have carried out raids in the province in the past. A person from the US defense denies that any raids were made by the US during the night of Tuesday, according to AFP.

In northeastern Lebanon, Israel has attacked what the Israeli military says are targets belonging to the Iran-loyal and Hamas-allied Shia militia Hezbollah.

The attack, which was carried out by warplanes, took place near the town of Hermel, an area further north than previous Israeli strikes in Lebanon. According to the local governor, no one was injured.

Israel’s military says the strike was in response to Hezbollah attacks on military targets in northern Israel earlier on Tuesday. Israel has also attacked targets in southern Lebanon during the day.