Attack on shipyards in Crimea – and drone attacks on Ukraine

Several explosions have occurred in the city of Sevastopol on the Russian-occupied Crimean peninsula during the night of Wednesday.

According to the governor appointed by Russia, Mikhail Razvozjayev, it is a Ukrainian robot attack against a shipyard. He writes on Telegram that there is a fire in a “non-civilian” facility and that at least 24 people have been injured.

Several Telegram channels, including Odessa military administration spokesman Serhiy Bratjuk, have shared photos and videos of an explosion and a fire at the shipyard, which was used by the Russian navy.

Clusters of attack drones

According to Ukraine, Russia has carried out several drone attacks during the night against the area around Izmail in the Odessa region in southern Ukraine, near the border with Romania.

At least six civilians have been injured, three of them seriously, according to the region’s governor, Oleh Kiper.

Several clusters of attack drones were used in the attack, according to Kiper.

“Damage to port and other civil infrastructure has been registered,” he writes on Telegram.