Athletics: Duplantis won but fell short of six meters

Duplantis went in at 5.67 and took 5.82 and 5.92 in the first before the first tear came at 6.02, which had been a new world best by one centimeter.

He was closest on the third attempt where he tore his knees on the way down. The bars felt softer than expected and he didn’t get the speed he had on the approach.

– There are mixed feelings. I’m happy to win but know I can jump higher so it’s sad. The approach felt good but I had problems with the rods. I didn’t get through the power on the jump of six meters, says Duplantis to SVT Sport.

By the time KC Lightfoot ripped away in 6.02 and stopped at 5.92, Mondo had won his own event for the third year in a row.

Chris Nielsen is still world number one with 6.01. Duplanti’s world record is 6.23.

It was the third edition of the competition and Duplanti’s arena record is 6.10 from last year.

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Photo: SVT