At the world’s largest esports event, pros are asked: “Sex or Dota 2?”

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At “The International” in Dota 2, the Russian erotic actress Eva Elfie was on the road and spoke to the professionals. With a rather cheeky colour, she provided partly embarrassed, partly funny answers and embarrassing moments.

What is this event?

  • The International is the esports tournament with the largest prize pools in the world (via The prize pool is well stocked, stretching up to $33 million and more.
  • The prize money is partly made up of money that the community itself throws into the pot via certain in-game bundles. Teams from all over the world then play for the money and the world championship.
  • In 2022 the “T11” took place, i.e. the 11th tournament of the league. Between the matches, the erotic actress Eva Elfie talked to the players.
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    What was that question? Eva Elfie walked around with a mic and camera, simply asking players from all kinds of teams which they would rather choose: Dota 2 or sex? Apparently the question was meant more for fun, but caused some embarrassing moments.

    For example, one professional responded with, “What the hell? Sure, I just had the other one.” Another looks extremely embarrassed and answers rather reluctantly. However, the pros sometimes gave quite confident answers such as: “Normally I have no problems with sex, i.e. Dota 2”, or simply: “Both”.

    But some also take it with humor, sitting on the sofa with their teammates and teasing: “It depends. With him here? Sex. Otherwise clear Dota 2.”

    The Dota 2 Rampage Monster channel edited some of the responses together:

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    “Everyone chooses Dota 2 and I don’t understand why”

    Esports journalist Jake Lucky spoke to the interviewer herself in a brief interview (via Twitter). There the actress, who herself earns money through sex, explains that almost all respondents answered with Dota 2.

    But she couldn’t understand why: “You would really play Dota 2 and not choose sex?” Some users on Twitter agree, jokingly writing: “Sex is fleeting, gaming is eternal.”

    Eva Elfie’s interview is a little reminiscent of RTL’s unfavorably chosen provocation a few years ago when gamers were asked something similar at gamescom, but it seems to have been more of a joke for everyone involved. At least hardly any of the professionals reacts really negatively or too shy.

    However, the e-sportsmen also have enough reason to prefer their game. At the T11 there was prize money of almost 19 million euros, which Team Tundra was able to secure. The champions were also questioned after the games and sometimes had cheeky answers:

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