at the Paris Olympics, athletes under close surveillance – L’Express

at the Paris Olympics athletes under close surveillance – LExpress

In this episode, Yohan Blavignat, deputy editor-in-chief at L’Express, tells us how Paris is preparing to massively monitor athletes for the 2024 Olympics.

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The team: Charlotte Baris (presentation, writing and editing) and Sébastien Salis (production).

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Charlotte Baris: The year is 2124. It has been almost 40 years since France last experienced frost, peaks of 50 degrees during the summer are numerous, and the vines of the southwest have even been replaced by pistachio trees. On the technology side, augmented reality is largely part of everyday life. You no longer even need to hold a phone in your hand. In short, the world has changed a lot.

And yet, some things are still there. For example, in July 2124, Paris is once again hosting the Olympic Games, exactly 100 years after the 2024 edition!

But the competition is nothing like that of the last century. From now on, it is not the best trained athletes who win, but those who best know how to take advantage of science. No more coaches on the sidelines, the athletes are surrounded by doctors and researchers.

On the list of participants, some inject themselves with cheetah DNA to run faster, others have made body modifications to breathe underwater, and it is not uncommon to come across robotic arms. Each country has its own invention, but obviously not all have the same means. The race is now being played out in the laboratories…

This competition between augmented athletes does not yet exist, fortunately, but it is well known that many athletes today improve their performance thanks to science. Paris, in 2024, takes the threat very seriously. We explain everything to you in this episode of La Loupe.

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