At Matti Mattsson’s home in Pori, there is excitement for the World Cup swimming, thumbs and toes up | Sport

At Matti Mattssons home in Pori there is excitement for

The Olympic bronze medalist will fight for the world title on Friday night. According to the home team, a man who is allowed to wait for the top competition went to the games.

Finnish top swimmer Matti Mattsson will battle for the 200-meter breaststroke world championship on Friday night in Doha, Qatar.

The wife is excited about swimming on the sofa at home in Pori Maiju Mattsson with children and a family of friends.

– One World Cup medal is found, let’s see if there will be another in the evening. However, the most important thing has been taken care of when the A-limit for the Olympics has been lowered, I don’t know if I can wait any longer, says Maiju Mattsson.

Matti Mattsson swam the fastest time of the preliminaries in 2:09.15. According to the wife, a calm man went to the competition, from whom it was allowed to expect a good competition.

– Matista notices at home whether things will go well or not. Now, when he left, I had the feeling that things were going well.

Even though Maiju Mattsson has been following her husband’s career for a long time, a more detailed analysis of his swimming can be left.

– I probably have as much insight into Mati’s swimming as Mati has about my treatment of patients in my own work, laughs Maiju Mattsson, who works as a paramedic.

The wife confesses to being a hard worker, whether she’s on the spot or in the home audience.

– Even if it’s just the SM start, I’m always a little nervous. Not used to it, it’s always the same terrible.

Matti Mattsson will return to Pori from the WC swimming in Doha already on Saturday. The children of the family are eagerly waiting for their father to return home, no matter the placement.

– Children are not very interested in whether a medal is around their neck or not. The most important thing is that dad comes back home.

On Friday, will show the Doha WC swimming in Areena and on TV live from 17:55. Matti Mattsson’s swim is around 18:48. At that time, the excitement in Pori is at its peak.

– Let’s keep all our fingers and toes up that it goes well, says Maiju Mattsson.