At her trial, Cristina Kirchner denounces a political cabal

At her trial Cristina Kirchner denounces a political cabal

Three weeks after the failed assassination attempt against her, Cristina Kirchner spoke on Friday as part of her trial for fraud and corruption. Prosecuted for embezzlement in the awarding of public contracts in her political stronghold of Santa Cruz, the Argentine vice-president denounced a political cabal.

With our correspondent in Buenos Aires, Theo Conscience

It was against the woodwork of her Senate office as a backdrop that Cristina Kirchner spoke via zoom yesterday as defense counsel in her trial. A pleading broadcast live, during which the Argentine vice-president refuted the charges against them. ” The incredible lies of prosecutors Mola and Luciani have been deconstructed. »

On several occasions, the one who was president between 2007 and 2015 stops to drink water, before returning to the charge. She questions in particular the proximity of the magistrates with his successor at Casa Rosada and political opponent, Mauricio Macri. ” Even within this court, judges and prosecutors are playing football in the country house of ex-president Macri, and nobody seems to mind. »

The prosecution accuses him of having been at the head of the ” biggest corrupt operation in the history of the country, with losses for the State estimated at nearly 40 million euros. While 12 years in prison and ineligibility for life have been requested against her, the current vice-president denounces political and judicial persecution, which according to her created a climate conducive to the assassination attempt against her on the 1st last September.

It’s as if the judicial sphere opened the door to everyone in society being able to think and do anything. »

The verdict in this trial is not expected before the end of the year.