At a time of major maneuvers in the European Parliament

At a time of major maneuvers in the European Parliament

Before the European elections in June, negotiations begin, openly or more confidentially, in Europe.

The two groups sitting on the far right are expected to experience a strong surge in the next European Parliament: they could become the third and fourth political groups respectively, dethroning the Liberals and the Greens according to the latest polls.

So the question of the constitution of groups within Parliament is crucial! And there might well be surprises. It is the European Eye of Franceline Beretti.

In Germany, the new lease of life for unions

In Germany, strikes have been increasing over the past year, particularly in transport and public services. For example, in January, Deutsche Bahn, the national rail transport company, experienced the longest strike in its history: 5 full days. At the same time, the number of unionized employees started to rise again after years of decline. Germany, the new queen of social protest? This is the report of Delphine Nerbollier.

The meeting of art and care: museotherapy at the Louvre-Lens museum

The Louvre-Lens, in the north of the France, has been hosting museotherapy workshops for several years now. To do this, it has established partnerships with hospitals in the sector.

The idea is to have therapeutic support using the museum environment.

Lise Verbeke accompanied around ten people suffering from mental illness who came to the museum as part of a study on the impact of museotherapy, a first in France.

Portugal commemorates 50 years of the Carnation Revolution this year

The highlight of the commemorations will take place on April 25, which marks the end of the Salazar dictatorship, a dictatorship which took 30,000 political prisoners. But from today, Lisbon hosts a major exhibition of photographs by Eduardo Gageiro. The opportunity to put or put back images on this revolution, Marie-Line Darcy.