At 83, Marlène Jobert admits to having resorted to this cosmetic surgery operation to give herself a facelift

At 83 Marlene Jobert admits to having resorted to this

The abuse of cosmetic surgery, youthfulness in the cinema, her diet or even her sports routine: Eva Green’s mother reveals her secrets for looking young at over 80.

Marlène Jobert is on the cover of the magazine Paris Match, to whom she gave a long interview on April 4. The star of the 60s speaks without taboo about aging.

While some celebrities admit to accepting the passage of time, Marlène Jobert is more mixed on the subject. I don’t find it nice to get old and fortunately I have passions, like my house in Normandy, to which I am attached”, she declared. The one who decided to stop her acting career in the 90s has a strong opinion on cosmetic surgery which can quickly lead to abuse. “[Cela] could be a disaster. You have to practice it relatively young, choose the right doctor, know how to stop in time.” she confided before specifying the operation of plastic surgery that she tried. “I had a light facelift at the age of 46“, said the Frenchwoman born in Algiers.

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The youth secrets of Marlène Jobert

The mother of actress Eva Green has managed to maintain superb shape at the age of 83. His secrets? Sport and healthy eating. “Trying to be pretty takes effort. I do gymnastics three times a week with a coach, I watch my diet because I believe that you become what you eat“, she explained. If she tries to keep a beautiful figure, the mother of two confesses to no longer being so comfortable with her image, revealing that this photo shoot for Paris Match will certainly be the last. “Taking photos weighs on me more and more and I’m not sure we want to see actresses ageconcluded the one who is now flourishing in her profession as an author.