At 80, Catherine Deneuve looks younger than ever with her dapper hairstyle and her tattoo on her foot

At 80 Catherine Deneuve looks younger than ever with her

Catherine Deneuve knows how to style her hair to rejuvenate her facial features. The proof during this festival in Italy, where the actress also showed off her little tribal tattoo. Photo.

Catherine Deneuve is in Rome for the Rendez-Vous With French Cinema festival. On April 7 and 8, she surprised with two daring beauty looks, marked by a voluminous hairstyle and a discreet tattoo.

Catherine Deneuve’s back hairstyle

On April 8, the film was screened Bernadette in the Italian capital. Catherine Deneuve, who plays the wife of Jacques Chirac, was obviously present at the event in a total black look. Her dark outfit left plenty of room for her very bright beauty. We particularly like the rejuvenating hairstyle that Catherine Deneuve wore, which enhanced her blondeness. Thus, her mid-length hair was pulled back from the hairstyle to clear her face. A light blow-dry was carried out, in order to loosen the roots and create beautiful hair volume. This simple and effective hairstyle perfectly highlighted her pink and copper toned makeup.

Catherine Deneuve in Rome on April 8, 2024. © D Avanzo/Provvisionato/IP/SIPA

Catherine Deneuve shows off her tribal tattoo

The day before this screening, Catherine Deneuve attended the film’s photocall The turtle in Rome in a leopard outfit which did not go unnoticed. Another remarkable detail: his tattoo on his left foot which can be seen occasionally.

Thus, the Frenchwoman has a small tribal pattern indelible. In an interview for the magazine Obsessionthe 80-year-old Parisian revealed the meaning of her tattoos. “It’s special, it’s like a sign. A desire to be different. It’s quite erotic“, confided the one who also has a large tattoo on her back representing a turtle in the Maori style.