At 66, Gabrielle Lazure found the ideal makeup tip to stand out – And it suits her perfectly

At 66 Gabrielle Lazure found the ideal makeup tip to

If some women prefer to wear natural makeup after the age of 60, Gabrielle Lazure does just the opposite! The actress opted for a flashy color on her lips which wakes up her entire face. A daring and successful choice.

On April 3, Gabrielle Lazure was at the UGC Normandie cinema in Paris to attend a preview. Like Charlotte Gainsbourg, Daphné Bürki and Nadia Farès, she came to discover French film We, the Leroys which will be released in theaters on April 10, 2024. The actress had opted for a makeup detail that did not go unnoticed.

Gabrielle Lazure tries flashy lipstick

At the age of 66, Gabrielle Lazure maintains a sparkling complexion and luminous beauty. To do this, she knows the makeup tips that highlight her perfectly. One of its secrets: accentuate a detail of your beauty that will attract all eyes. This is what the actress did during this premiere, as she wore flamboyant lipstick. Thus, the one who was born in the United States had chosen a raspberry shade which brought color to her look. For the rest of the makeup, Gabrielle Lazure kept it simple so as not to overshadow her lipstick. A thin layer of mascara, even skin and a peach blush completed her beauty look.

Gabrielle Lazure in Paris on April 3, 2024. © Marechal Aurore/ABACA

Gabrielle Lazure’s blonde hair

To accompany this evening makeup, Gabrielle Lazure also opted for naturalness with her hairstyle. Her hair was simply down, with no curls or special blow-drying. We notice her blond hair which seemed adorned with a ombré hair. If she has already tried the bob cut in the past, the one who left the series Such a big sun has a preference for mid-length hair which she has worn for many years.