At 52, Maxima from the Netherlands treats herself to a beauty treatment as sunny as her outfit

At 52 Maxima from the Netherlands treats herself to a

This April 22, 2024, Maxima from the Netherlands appeared more sunny than ever while attending a concert given in honor of her husband, King Willem-Alexander. Focus on her makeup and hairstyle.

New official release for Queen Maxima of the Netherlands. After properly welcoming Queen Letizia of Spain and King Felipe VI a few days ago, this Monday, April 22, the sovereign went to Emmen to attend the annual King’s Day concert. An event which allowed him to show himself in his best light.

Maxima from the Netherlands adopts a luminous make-up

To mark the occasion during King’s Day 2024, Maxima from the Netherlands captured all the light with a neon yellow blouse which highlighted her pretty Tan. She wore a little bronzer and pink blush, probably light in texture, to enhance the look. The one who is approaching 53 has also chosen to display luminous and natural skin which has the power to rejuvenate the features of one’s face. On the eyes, it is a charcoal in brown tones as well as a line of black liner which highlighted her eyes while a ultra pink gloss enhanced her lips and magnified her white teeth.

Maxima’s straight hair from the Netherlands

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands also scored beauty points at this event with her hairstyle which matched well with her luminous makeup. A fan of mid-length cuts, she enhanced her hair with a smooth, flexible blow-dry perfectly well executed.

The detail that makes all the difference: side parting. The latter boosts the volume of your hairstyle and brings movement to the hair. We also like the earrings encrusted with blue stones, which perfectly complimented the blonde hair of the crowned head. A perfect beauty look for the season!