At 51, Jennifer Garner has a surprising little secret to staying young. It’s on his plate!

At 51 Jennifer Garner has a surprising little secret to

Injections, Botox, diets? Very little for Jennifer Garner who relies on a food with strong antioxidant power to counter the signs of aging. And it succeeded!

Jennifer Garner gave an interview to the magazine People on March 29. The actress talks about her relationship with age, the children she had with Ben Affleck and her very healthy diet.

Jennifer Garner is all about this food rich in anti-oxidants

As she prepares to celebrate her 52nd birthday on April 17, Jennifer Garner has managed to maintain her radiant beauty and iron health. One of his youthful secrets: do sports every daywho is “very important for my mental health”, she clarified. On the food side, the star of the series A.k.a also takes great care to ensure a slender figure. “I eat really healthy. I just finished a big bowl of kale“, said the mother of three. And it is wise to rely on kale to stay young, because it is rich in vitamin K and flavonoids, having antioxidant properties. Result: a slowdown in skin aging.

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Jennifer Garner embraces getting older

Ben Affleck’s former wife isn’t afraid of growing old and the signs of aging. “Honestly, I’m most grateful to be alive.” confided the one who also admits to having “moments” of nostalgia when thinking back to his younger years. “And I’m grateful for the wisdom I’ve gleaned over these years and truly grateful to be able to watch other women go through this life process with so much grace,” she confided. Always smiling and positive, the American has ultimate advice for women who fear the passage of time : “Take care of yourself, but don’t be afraid. Getting old is a gift“.