At 47, Cécile de France assumes that she is physically “out of the ordinary”

At 47 Cecile de France assumes that she is physically

In an interview with Version Femina magazine, Cécile de France speaks without taboo about the relationship she has with her body and her age.

Since his role in The Spanish inn in 2002, Cécile de France occupied a privileged place in French cinema. It is with the release of the film The Passenger by Héloïse Pelloquet that the Belgian actress is making her big comeback on the screens in 2022. She plays Chiara, a married woman who falls in love with a younger man. On this occasion, the star granted a rare interview to the magazine Version Femina. The opportunity for her to talk about her relation to the body as a 47-year-old woman.

Cécile de France wants to free herself from the diktats of beauty

As she approaches her fifties, Cécile de France seems more comfortable than ever with her body and her age. Just like her character in the feature film which will be released on December 14, she wants to detach injunctions imposed by society, especially virtual. “Social networks have reinforced the dictates of appearance and we need more than ever realistic images to identify with in order to dream and live. I found it important to show my body as a 47-year-old woman as it is. It’s crazy to put it this way: I’m still young. But I’m no longer in the beauty standards” she said.

The body, “an extraordinary work tool

Returning to the question of intimate scenes, Cécile de France indicates that they were “very easy and very happy“to turn because”Felix -his on-screen partner- and I have the same relationship to the body: we consider it an extraordinary work tool“. She adds that she likes to transform to embody a role “we color our hair, we build muscle, we lose weight… We put ourselves at the service of the story and our characters“. An idea already demonstrated with brown coloring in The Guardians of Order (2009) or with a short cut for one of his first films.