At 19 he was considered a huge talent – at 22 he probably ruined his career for good

The Frenchman Adam “Adam” Maanane was considered a huge talent in League of Legends in 2021, coming to Fnatic from France in the LEC. As a top planner, he was named rookie of the year. But his behavior ruins his chance after chance in LoL. Now his current team has benched him. His anger comes from his ambition, he says. “You’re just toxic,” say fans.

Who is this?

  • Adam made a name for himself in LoL in 2020: He played for Karmine Corp in the French league LFL on the top lane.
  • At 19, Fnatic brought him into the LEC and he hit the top lane, even being voted rookie of the year.
  • But a lot went wrong in his career in recent years. Meanwhile he has to let himself be mocked as “Toxic Darius Main”.
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    Adam left Fnatic in a dispute with German star Upset

    What was his problem with Fnatic? At the top European club, Adam couldn’t cope with the fact that the German botlaner Upset had to leave the Worlds 2021 in Iceland due to personal problems. Without Upset, Fnatic was eliminated with no chance.

    Adam publicly railed against Upset. The young Frenchman believed that Upset had only left the team because his girlfriend felt “alone and bad”.

    In a dispute with Upset, the Frenchman ultimately left Fnatic and moved to Team BDS.

    What went wrong with the new team? But he wasn’t happy with Team BDS either. After a disappointing six months, he was banished to the Academy team in May 2022 because a young player had displaced him.

    He returned to the team in December 2022, but is now having problems again.

    Team benches him after he yells at the head coach

    This is the current scandal: As reported by Sheepesports, Team BDS has decided to bench Adam after he behaved “toxically” towards players and staff.

    It is said that he would mock, insult, and “overall disrespect” others. In the team’s practice matches, he would “tilt” and simply quit out of anger. This behavior has been observed since the beginning of 2023.

    In the last few weeks the behavior has gotten worse and worse. The decisive factor in the decision to take him out of the team was a heated discussion with team coach Strike. Adam shouted at him, they say.

    Once again, Adam is now being replaced by an Academy player.

    Adam says: He’s angry because he’s so ambitious

    What does Adam say? In a Twitter post today, February 18th, Adam commented on the statements:

    He admits that the discussion with Strike got out of hand and that’s why he was put on the bench. But he accepts that and wants to emphasize how much he appreciates Strike.

    He has an anger problem but is working on it. The anger results from his ambition, but he wants to become a “better person” every day. He is not the monster he is described as in the article.

    Many people still resent Adam’s dispute with Upset and the end of Fnatic back then.

    Somehow it doesn’t sound like there’s anything wrong in the Sheepesports report, but rather as if Adam is just providing an explanation for this behavior, which you simply can’t allow yourself as an e-sports professional. Ambition or not.

    The comments on Twitter say quite clearly: You are toxic, you have proven that so many times. Nevertheless, one hopes that Adam gets his problems under control and doesn’t waste his great talent.

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