Asus ROG Ally accelerates with AMD Fluid Motions Frames

Z1 islemcili ASUS ROG Ally modeli de Turkiyeye geliyor

Portable gaming device also sold in Turkey Asus ROG AllySpeed ​​with “AMD Fluid Motions Frames” technology won.

Built on AMD signed hardware Asus ROG Ally, With the new software update sent to everyone AMD Fluid Motion Frames began to benefit from the benefits of technology. Thanks to this technology, performance in some games will increase significantly and energy consumption can be reduced for longer periods of use (Sample test video is here). Public on PC AMD Adrenalin Edition 24.1.1 driver with full release AMD Fluid Motions Frames technology, primarily RDNA3 It supported Radeon 700M, RX 6000 and RX 7000 series graphics cards and DirectX 11 with DirectX 12 full based games up to 97 percent It could increase performance. We provide details hereDLSS “Frame Generation” new technology that works like by creating extra image/frame during processing can often double performance. For example, a game that gets 60 fps with FSR 2 turned on can go up to 112 fps thanks to FSR 3 and Fluid Motion Frames technology. Senior AMD official Frank Azor‘Fame, “If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out on massive frame rate increases in thousands of games.” The wonderful technology he calls, for now, is just Works in full screen mode with V-Sync turned off However, work on it continues actively.