Assoreti, the networks inaugurate the year with a collection of 3.3 billion

Assoreti the networks inaugurate the year with a collection of

(Finance) – The activity of Consulting networksachieved in the first month of the year, determines a total net inflow equal to 3.3 billion euros; 98.5% of the net resources invested are concentrated on administered financial instruments (77.9%) and savings products. managed (20.6%). The balance of movements in securities is positive for 2.6 billion euros; activity on the secondary market predominantly involves government bonds. The net resources invested in asset management products are valid 686 million euros; the contraction

of volumes compared to the same month of the previous year is attributable to the insurance component and to individual management, while net investments in mutual funds increased. Net resources held in current accounts and deposits amount to 49 million
euros and represent 1.5% of total funding.

“2023 begins with a particularly solid result in the wake of what has already been achieved in the previous year. The dynamics observed on the financial markets create the conditions to be able to respond effectively to the different needs of savers, confirming the large and diversified customer base served” he declares Marco TofanelliSecretary General of the Association.

Within the sector, funding is driven by managements assets collective and individual. Direct distribution of mutual fund units results in monthly net volumes of 819 million euros; net subscriptions to foreign UCITS prevail (803 million) while for Italian funds, funding is confirmed as positive on limited amounts (16 million). The choices Of investment they favor equity (501 million) and flexible (541 million) funds; the balance for the other categories is negative. The budget of managements assets individual it is equal to 106 million euro with a positive contribution both from asset management in funds (66 million) and from asset management (40 million).

The insurance/pension sector on the other hand, it records the prevalence of outgoings for 238 million attributable to the negative balance found on traditional life products (-411 million) and on composite products (-86 million); the net premiums paid on the unit linked are positive for 148 million. The total monthly contribution of the Networks to the open UCITS system, through the direct and indirect distribution of quotas, therefore reaches 996 million euro and compares with a negative system figure of 642 million.