Assoreti closes the first half of the year on a positive note: deposits amounted to 24.6 billion

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(Finance) – In June, the data collected by Absoreti indicate a positive net inflows for the Networks of financial advisors enabled for door-to-door selling equal to 3.2 billion euros. The result, albeit in a downturn (-16.9% m / m) and trend (-38.7% y / y), confirms the pivotal role of financial consultancy in the management of Italian savings.

In just the month of Junein fact, the balance of movements on current accounts and deposits it is negative for more than 3.8 billion, repositioning 45% of the deposits of liquid assets made between January and May. Investment choices generally involved administered financial instruments (€ 6.1 billion), with the strong concentration of resources on public and corporate debt securities; however, the balance on asset management products is also positive (952 million). In particular, the monthly contribution of the Networks to the system of UCITS open, through the direct and indirect distribution of quotas, is equal to 755 million euros and is part of a context in which the result of the other distribution channels is, on the whole, negative (-2.8 billion). Since the beginning of the year, almost 71% of the net inflows achieved by the entire fund system is attributable to the activity of the advisory networks.

The balance in the first half of the year it is positive for 24.6 billion euros, with a flexion 14.5% compared to the result achieved in the first six months of the previous year. 80.9% of net inflows (19.9 billion) are positioned between the component financial, managed and administered, and the insurance / pension fund of the Network customers’ portfolios; liquidity stood at € 4.7 billion, a value lower than that observed in the first half of 2021.

“Also in June, the Networks system proved to be able to face and manage periods of uncertainty and volatility, always maintaining a proactive attitude in managing the savings entrusted by its customers. The conditions of the financial markets are changing and, consequently, the investment choices in the process of planning and portfolio diversification “he declares Marco TofanelliSecretary General of the Association.

In the context of compartment managed the balance is positive for all product macro-families. There distribution direct of shares in mutual funds determines net volumes of 262 million. The contribution of closed-end securities funds on which net investments amounted to around 254 million euros was fundamental; also positive flow of resources allocated to foreign open-end UCIs (99 million) while redemptions on Italian open-end funds prevail (-92 million). Overall the balance is positive for i funds equity (653 million) while redemptions prevail on other categories and in particular on bonds (-587 million). The deposits made on insurance / pension products amounted to 663 million with the confirmation of the preference for unit linked (339 million) and the policies multi-branch (368 million). The flow of net resources destined for individual asset management was more contained (27 million).