ASPI hosts the BIF Event SDG18 Zero Corruption: an Italian contribution to the topic

ASPI hosts the BIF Event SDG18 Zero Corruption an Italian

(Finance) – After joining the Zerø Corruption Manifesto, promoted by the Anti-Corruption Committee of the OECD Business and presented for the first time in Italy during the BIF National Event last November, the Business Integrity Forum of Transparency International Italia proposed today, at the headquarters Tecne SPA, an engineering company of the Autostrade per l’Italia Groupan event dedicated to outlining the path towards a new anti-corruption Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) for the UN 2030 Agenda.

The BIF Event SDG18 Zerø Corruption, has provided an overview of theimpact of the Sustainability Objectives in the various spheres of civil societyoffering a space to talk about how to conduct the fight against corruption in the world and what are the mechanisms for dialogue with the United Nations and for reviewing the SDGs for the UN 2030 Agenda. The initiative – explains Aspi in a note – follows that path resulting from the OECD Business Anti-Corruption Committee – chaired by Nicola Allocca, Director of Risk, Compliance and Quality of Autostrade per l’Italia – and launched in Paris at the end of 2022, starting from the awareness that every year corruption steals huge resources that would otherwise be destined for social services, education, culture, economic, social, political support, in all countries of the world.

The BIF Event of Transparency International Italy intends to carry out an initial survey of the actions to be implemented, thanks to the surveys of qualified stakeholders: the Board of the Transparency International Secretariat, the representatives of the economic realities that give life to the Business Integrity Forum, the representatives of the Public Administration, the Third sector and the Universities that will give their contribution in an open discussion, aimed at identifying strengths and weaknesses that could characterize the path towards a new anti-corruption SDG18 for the UN 2030 Agenda.

“Aiming at Zerø Corruption means implementing actions aimed at an increasingly widespread culture of integrity, transparency and sustainability – he declared Iole Anna Savini, president of Transparency International Italy –. The Transparency International Italia initiative, together with the OECD Business Anti-Corruption Committee, aims to be a contribution to the opening of a debate that can strengthen awareness of the integrity of Italian citizens and the international community.”

“Like Aspi – said the president of Autostrade per l’Italia Elisabetta Oliveri – we feel the responsibility to contribute to the fight against corruption, guided by the idea of ​​responsible business. With this in mind, we continue the transformation process undertaken with commitment, aiming for absolute efficiency, safety and transparency. The ‘Next to Legality’ program is an integral part of all the Group’s processes: we start from the assumption that transparency and integrity are essential elements for a truly efficient company. Only with this approach is it possible to achieve our demanding industrial plan, tackling the great challenge of sustainable mobility”.