ASPA elderly allowance: amount 2023, conditions

ASPA elderly allowance amount 2023 conditions

Paid each month, the solidarity allowance for the elderly (ASPA or formerly “minimum old age”) is intended for retired people living in France and having modest incomes. What is the amount in 2023? How to apply?

The solidarity allowance for the elderly (ASPA) corresponds to the former “minimum old age“. The ASPA is an aid for the elderly who have made little or no contributions to retirement in order to guarantee them a minimum of resources. Its amount is €961.08 per month for a single person and €1,492.08 if both members of the couple perceive it. What are the terms to benefit from it? What is his amount in 2023?

Definition: what is ASPA?

The solidarity allowance for the elderly (ASPA), formerly called “minimum old age“, is intended for retired people, living in France, and with modest resources. Paid by the Pension Fundthe amount varies according to the family situation of the applicant (in a relationship or single) and of his income (retirement pension, disability pension, alimony, assets).

What are the conditions for benefiting from ASPA?

Be of French nationality and reside on the territory in a stable manneri.e. permanently or at least 180 days a year

Be a national of a member state of the European Union

► Be of foreign nationality on the condition to hold a residence permit able to work for at least 10 years

► Have 65 and over: depending on your year of birth, this age limit can be lowered to 60 if you are recognized as 50% disabled or disabled or if you are a veteran

► Have income that does not exceed 961.08€ per month if you live alone and €1,492.08 per month if you live in a relationship with (gross income listed on your tax notice)

People who do not receive the ASPA can apply for the simple social assistance allowance for the elderly.

What is the amount of the ASPA in 2023?

The ASPA amounts to a maximum of €961.08 per month for a single person (or if only one of the two people in a couple receives the Aspa) and €1,492.08 when both members of the couple receive ASPA. The amount of your resources is calculated on the income of the 3 months preceding the application for ASPA or, if they exceed the maximum amount, on the last 12 months. The difference between your resources and the ceiling (revised on 1er January of each year) will determine the amount of the ASPA. The amount allocated to you is equal to the difference between this amount and your monthly income. This means that, for a single person, if you receive €800 each month, the ASPA amount will be €961.08 – €800= €161.08. If your income as a couple amounts to €1,000, the amount paid will be €1,492.08 – €1,000 = €492.08 per month. The amount is then paid to you from the 1st day of the month following the date of receipt of your request. If your income, family situation or place of residence changes, you must inform the pension fund.

► If your pension is paid by Social Security or by the State Pension Fund, you must submit a request to the National Old-Age Insurance Fund (Cnav).

► If your pension is paid by the Mutualité Sociale Agricole, you must contact the MSA.

► If your pension is paid by the pension fund for territorial and hospital civil servants, you must submit a request to the national pension fund for local government employees (CNRACL).

► For people not receiving a pension, your ASPA application must be withdrawn from the town hall on which you depend

Where can I find the ASPA form?

On the Internet :

Form on Cnav

Form on MSA

By mail :

CNRACL: Rue du Vergne – 33059 BORDEAUX Cedex