Artist meets himself, but 40 years younger

The new original show “Me & Myself – My Younger Me & I” is coming to Sky in September. Actor Dieter Hallervorden meets himself, but 40 years younger – thanks to AI. MeinMMO tells you what this TV show is about.

When is “Me & Myself” coming out?

You can watch the new show “Me & Myself” on September 5th at 8:15 p.m. on Sky One, as well as on demand via Sky Q and Sky Go.

What’s the show about? The German actor Dieter Hallervorden, whom many probably know from his comeback hit “Honig im Kopf”, gets the chance to meet his younger self on the occasion of his 88th birthday. The brand new show “Me & Myself – My Younger Me & I” will be moderated by comedian Michael Mittermeier.

Image source: Sky

“For the first time on German TV, an artist meets his younger self”

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Dieter Hallevorden meets an earlier version of himself, from 1987. Young Dieter doesn’t yet know anything about the future and still lives in the belief that the GDR exists – which should make for funny moments when the two Dieters meet each other

The show looks at the various themes from Dieter’s life. It’s about his popular role in “Nonstop Nonsens”, about the disclosure of his Stasi files and also about his experiences in the field of stuns. In addition, it will also be about the visions of his younger self. Especially the moment when Dieter Hallervorden meets his current wife should be a magical highlight.

How was the younger self created? With the help of deepfake technology, Dieter Hallervorden’s younger self was created. Heaps of material were collected for this from the late 70s to early 90s.


  • Old gigs
  • DVDs
  • Blu Ray
  • Other sources in which Dieter’s face was clearly visible
  • A digital mask from Dieter Hallervorden from 1987 could be created using all the data collected.

    What do Mittermeier and Hallervorden say about this?

    Dieter Hallervorden was simply enthusiastic and said (via

    I would never have thought of time traveling with a younger version of me and reflecting on my life in this humorous way and reliving events in the here and now.

    Dieter Hallervorden

    Michael Mittermeier emphasizes (via “Me & Myself” is not only technically something completely new, but also a challenge for me in moderation. Sitting next to both the young and the contemporary Dieter Hallervorden and interviewing both may sound strange, but it is extremely exciting[…].”

    Kind of exciting to see what is possible with the help of artificial intelligence. But it’s still a little scary. It has a hint of the same chill factor as the sci-fi series Black Mirror, where technology has taken over mankind.