Arnold Schwarzenegger was rejected for a sci-fi film, then took control and made himself the main character

Actually, Arnold Schwarzenegger shouldn’t have gotten the lead role in Total Recall. But he saved the film by giving him decision-making power over the film.

What was the problem with the film? Originally, producer Dino De Laurentiis was in charge of Total Recall. However, he didn’t have Arnold Schwarzenegger in mind for the role of protagonist Douglas Quaid.

His candidates all had a slimmer figure than Schwarzenegger’s, which would have been more in keeping with the skinny office worker from the story. The following actors were shortlisted:

  • Richard Dreyfuss
  • Patrick Swayze
  • Matthew Broderick
  • Jeff Bridges
  • Christopher Reeve
  • Scharzenegger was not considered, on the one hand because of his bodybuilder stature, and on the other hand because of his parallel role in the Conan saga.

    But fate was not kind to the film. Another of De Laurentiis’ projects had to be canceled, which is why he had to file for bankruptcy. That’s why the release of Total Recall was in limbo.

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    This is how Arnold Schwarzenegger saved the film

    What did Schwarzenegger do? The film’s rights were transferred to Carolco Pictures for $3 million. They hired Schwarzenegger to take control of production.

    As a little motivational help, the actor received a whopping ten million dollars plus 15 percent of the box office revenue.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger took on the role and decided on the film’s cast and script. He cast himself in the lead role, although he didn’t have the same figure as protagonist Douglas Quaid.

    That’s why Schwarzenegger simply decided to turn the skinny office worker into a muscular construction worker.

    Was the film successful? Total Recall was a huge milestone in Schwarzenegger’s career. The film grossed $261 million, which meant that the production team at least got Schwarzenegger’s generous salary.

    That’s what Total Recall is about

    In the year 2084, construction worker Douglas Quaid constantly dreams that he lives on Mars. He therefore books a virtual trip to the planet through the company Rekall Inc. An accident occurs, as a result of which Quaid wakes up again in a completely new identity.

    He has to deal with nasty opponents and his wife reveals to him that she is an agent of the Martian dictator Coohaagen. To escape this nightmare, Quaid must travel to Mars and finish the job his real self started.

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