Arnold Schwarzenegger confirms exit because the films ‘just weren’t well written’

Arnold Schwarzenegger confirms exit because the films just werent well

An Austrian bodybuilder turned Hollywood action hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger made his mark in the ’80s and ’90s with films like Last Action Hero, Total Recall and Conan the Barbarian. But he’s still most iconic in his role as the time-traveling fighting machine The Terminator — in a sci-fi franchise he’s speaking out plain about almost 40 years later.

Sci-Fi Crash Landing: Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks the Terminator franchise has finally failed

The now 75-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed to the Hollywood Reporter in a long interview about his acting career:

The [Terminator-]Franchise is done. I am through. The message got through to me that the world […] want to continue with something new. Someone must have a great idea. Terminator is largely responsible for my success, so I will always look back on it fondly.


Arnold Schwarzenegger: The End of the Terminator

Schwarzenegger, who is preparing his first series, even has an explanation for the end of the Terminator series:

The first three films were great. In number 4 [Terminator: Die Erlösung] I wasn’t because I was governor. And then have part 5 [Terminator 5: Genisys] and 6 [Terminator: Dark Fate] it is not completed satisfactorily, is my opinion. I knew that before because they just weren’t well written.

James Cameron had already stated in the past that the last sci-fi part that brought back both Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger was no longer up to date and rather a “Terminator for Your Grandfather” than had been for the new generation. However, it is unclear what these statements mean for the cautious plans for Terminator 7.

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